Garden City Veterinary Hospital is equipped to handle some emergency situations. We do have daily appointments, but we will do our best to serve the most critical first. We provide ICU care during the day. If an animal requires ICU care overnight we will refer you to an emergency clinic for monitoring overnight.

We provide services in English and Mandarin for our clients.

Emergencies are one of the most common reasons pet owners seek treatment. We understand the emotion and stress that comes along with the need for urgent care. Whether the situation can be handled over the phone or requires life-saving care, you can be sure that we respond immediately and appropriately to your pet’s needs.

If anything arises after hours please contact one of the emergency providers closest to you:

Intercity Animal Emergency Clinic
580 SE Marine Drive,
Vancouver, BC V5X 2T4
Phone: (604) 321-8080

Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley
306 – 6325 204 St
Langley, BC V2Y 3B3
Phone: (604) 514-1711

Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic
1150 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J 1L7
Phone: (604)-734-5104

Coquitlam Central Animal Emergency Clinic
812 Roderick Ave
Coquitlam, BC V3K 1P8
Phone: (604)-931-1911